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Gabriel Cho – San Jose Theft Crime Attorney – Competent Defense Against Theft Charges Or Penalties

San Jose theft offenses lawyer Gabriel Cho rigorously defends clients against theft-related charges throughout San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the Bay Area. Attorney Cho has succeeded in getting charges reduced or dismissed in such cases as petty theft, grand theft, receiving stolen property, burglary and auto burglary, auto grand theft, and embezzlement.

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A conviction for a theft crime can carry severe consequences and penalties. Further, as it is considered a crime of dishonesty, a theft conviction can affect your personal and professional life, leading to difficulty in gaining future employment, state licensing and other benefits. As theft offenses are considered crimes of “moral turpitude,” these convictions may also result in adverse immigration consequences for certain aliens seeking a visa, green card or naturalization to the United States.

Gabriel Cho – San Jose Theft Offenses Lawyer – Your Guide Toward An Effective Theft Defense Strategy

If you have been charged with or accused of committing a theft offense, let an experienced San Jose theft crime lawyer guide you through the complicated process, and help you develop a defense strategy. If Attorney Gabriel Cho cannot obtain a not guilty verdict, he may be able to find ways to mitigate your conduct or get your charges “reduced.”

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