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Family law disagreements can be a great strain on one’s personal life and finances. San Jose family law attorney Gabriel Cho is available to help you minimize the stress and expense of court trials and prolonged legal proceedings.

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Gabriel Cho – San Jose Family Law Attorney – Strives For Fair And Swift Conclusion To Divorce Proceedings

A divorce may be granted on grounds such as incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, or an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship. Should such a claim go to court, the condition of the marriage is examined in order to determine whether one or more of these grounds apply. Divorce law also involves the distribution of monetary and non-monetary assets between the spouses entering the proceedings.

Gabriel Cho – Santa Clara Family and Divorce Lawyer – Prioritizes Your Children’s Safety and Well-Being

During a marriage, both spouses share the custodial rights and responsibilities of raising their children. Upon divorce, custody of a child can go to only one spouse, or joint custody may be practiced, such that parental responsibility remains shared and physical custody is alternated between each spouse.

A child custody dispute arises when the parents do not agree on whom should retain custody of the child. Parental decisions and conduct are examined in order to determine which of the spouses are best fit to raise the child, and which decision results in the least negative impact on the child’s well-being. Visitation rights may also be disputed.

Gabriel Cho – Family Law Lawyer in the Bay Area – Analyzes Child Support Conditions And Compliance

Typically, a non-custodial parent is required to pay a certain amount of child support to the parent that has retained child custody. Disputes involving child support include establishing the amount and conditions of payment, or enforcing payment of child support from a parent whose payments are delinquent.

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