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Gabriel Cho – San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer – Your First Line Of Defense Against A Life-Changing Criminal Charge

Suspected of, or charged with a criminal offense in San Jose or Santa Clara County, California? Rely on Gabriel Y. Cho, San Jose criminal defense attorney, to aggressively pursue a positive outcome for your case.

It is normal to feel anxious, confused or overwhelmed when accused of a crime. Most people are unfamiliar with the intricacies of criminal law, and unaware of the options they may have to protect their rights and reputation. The consequences that can arise from a criminal record can be devastating on one’s ability to be employed, especially in hard economic times.

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Gabriel Cho – Criminal Trial Lawyer In San Jose – Familiar With Inner Workings of San Jose, Santa Clara Criminal Courts

Whether you are being investigated for a crime or facing a trial, Mr. Cho draws from a wealth of experience with all aspects of criminal law from pretrial motions to court appearances. He maintains a stellar reputation with judges, jurors and prosecutors throughout San Jose and Santa Clara County for his rigorous yet ethical defense practices.

Every case is different, depending on the individuals, circumstances and type of crime involved. With patience, professionalism and precision, Mr. Cho will listen to your unique situation and explain the legal procedures involved. Armed with thorough research and a keen interpretation of the law, he will build a rock-solid argument for your defense in court — even prevent a charge from being made altogether.

Gabriel Cho – San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney – Understands the Urgency Of Your Case And The Intricacies Of Criminal Law

The earlier you involve an experienced attorney in your criminal defense, the more that can be done to protect you. Gabriel Cho is your ally from the moment you are suspected of a crime, advising you on the best course of action should you be arrested, interact with the press, go to court or request an appeal.

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