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Gabriel Cho – San Jose Drug Crimes Lawyer – Aggressive Defense Against Drug Charges

San Jose drug crimes attorney, Gabriel Cho, represents people charged with drug related crimes in the Bay Area. He can provide you with effective criminal defense in matters involving both less severe, and more serious drug offenses. A drug crimes lawyer with a breadth of criminal defense experience, Gabriel Cho deals with drug charges that cover a broad range of offenses. These range from simple possession of a small amount of certain drugs (including possession of an illegal substance such as marijuana or crack cocaine, as well as heroin or other narcotics), to participation in an ongoing drug-related criminal enterprise/conspiracy or manufacturing (including manufacturing methamphetamines, also called crystal meth labs), to distributing drugs.

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Gabriel Cho – A Thorough, Detail-Oriented San Jose Drug Crimes Attorney With A Strong Reputation

Attorney Cho does not take drug charges lightly, and understands the catastrophic effect a drug crime conviction can have on your life and your loved ones. When you hire San Jose drug crimes attorney Gabriel Cho, he will thoroughly consider and investigate every detail of your case and evidence against you, including gathering information from police reports, drug test results, and witness statements. He will determine if there is any basis to file motions to dismiss your drug charges based on insufficient evidence or lack thereof. Attorney Cho will make a constitutional challenge to exclude any evidence that was unlawfully seized or inadmissible witness statements obtained in your case.

If you find yourself facing drug-related criminal charges, you need a skilled, experienced attorney with expertise in drug crimes. San Jose drug crimes attorney Gabriel Cho has earned an impeccable reputation with judges and prosecutors as a zealous advocate for his clients, as well as an ethical attorney who always keep his word.

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